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About Us

Reaching New Heights with Every Launch

At SFU Rocketry we believe in making a difference through individual efforts by fostering the knowledge and skills of our people who are passionate about rockets and space. As an effort to achieve excellence in what we do we work on different projects throughout the year that involves making rocket engines, test stands, controls, and much more that go into making a successful rocket.

Our Mission & Vision

The idea for SFU Rocketry began when a capstone group of Mechatronics students designed a hybrid rocket engine using paraffin wax and gaseous oxygen. In March 2018, the club began in earnest with the goal of competing in a 10 km COTS rocket. The club’s beginning had its rocky patches just like any new club, however, we prevailed and managed to begin work on our targeted 10 km rocket. Two years ago we reached a point where the rocket was 85% complete. However, due to the Covid outbreak, our opportunities for launching our rocket were canceled and we didn’t have any project to work on. Throughout this entire time, there has always been a small, dedicated division continuously studying and working on liquid rocket engines. Therefore as we moved online, our team decided to focus our resources on a sole project: a liquid rocket engine hot fire.

Meet The Team

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