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About Us

Reaching New Heights with Every Launch

At SFU Rocketry we believe in making a difference through individual efforts by fostering the knowledge and skills of our people who are passionate about rockets and space. As an effort to achieve excellence in what we do we work on different projects throughout the year that involves making rocket engines, test stands, controls, and much more that go into making a successful rocket.

Our Vision & Mission


We aspire to inspire future leadership in space exploration. Our goal is to design, build, and fly reusable launch vehicles, advancing aerospace technology through student collaboration.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to advancing the aerospace industry by designing and implementing low-cost, reusable launch vehicles for sub-orbital projects. We aim to foster innovation, collaboration, and the development of unique technologies with potential industry impact. Our mission extends to lowering entry barriers and fostering an inclusive learning environment that prepares the next generation of space exploration leaders.

Executive Team


Bradley Schellenberg

Chief Engineer

President & CEO

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Elias Bircher

Chief Operating Officer

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Ankit Popli

Chief Business Officer

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Faizan Malik

Chief Safety Officer

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Colton Koop Headshot.jpg

Colton Koop

Director of Hardware Engineering

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Devin Headshot.jpg

Devin Armstrong

Director of Software Engineering

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Xander Headshot.jpg

Xander Denis

Director of Mechanical Engineering

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Amraz Headshot.jpg

Amraz Mangat

Co-Director of Propulsion Systems

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Kabir Bajwa

Co-Director of Propulsion Systems

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