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Available Positions

Our Fall 2023 intake is complete! We are commencing interviews for all applicants.
If you missed this intake window, check back at the end of the Fall term for our Spring 2024 availabilities!

We look forward to welcoming you to the largest comprehensive design team at Simon Fraser University. 

Officer Roles

Officers make up the executive board of SFU Rocketry and take responsibility for the entire program.


Chief Business Officer

We are seeking a new Chief Business Officer for Fall 2023.


The CBO plays a crucial role in overseeing the strategic business aspects of SFU Rocketry. They are responsible for fostering and maintaining strong partnerships with external sponsors and investors, assisting the COO with internal relations, and maximizing growth opportunities. The CBO collaborates closely with the executive team, offering their expertise in business development, financial management, outreach and marketing to drive our organization's success. The incoming officer will receive comprehensive training from Ankit, the current and outgoing CBO, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in achieving organizational goals.

This is a non-technical role, students from all faculties at SFU are encouraged to apply.

Executive roles do not become available very often. Please apply above at your earliest convenience for more information about this critical role.

Position Details Here

Director Roles

Directors are responsible for our five major subteams:

  • Hardware Engineering

  • Software Engineering

  • Propulsion Systems

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Business and Operations


Check Back Later

Director position openings usually become available once every year or two. The best way to join us as a Director is to first join as a Project Lead or General Member!

Project Lead Roles

Team Leads are responsible for our various subsystem projects. Team Leads report to Directors and are responsible for leading Senior and Junior members.


Check Back Later

Project Lead position openings become available once a new project is drafted. The best way to join us as a Project Lead is to first join as a General Member!

Member Roles

Members are responsible for designing and developing SFU Rocketry technology and projects. They bring varying levels of knowledge and experience to our team, and are always learning along the way!


Junior (I) members are usually in their first or second year, whereas Senior (II) members usually have a third year or higher level of experience.


Check Back Later

Check back during our Spring 2024 Hiring Window: January 1st - 14th

Business Team

Gain valuable marketing, outreach, and design experience, while learning to bridge the gap of technical and non-technical audiences!

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