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SFU Rocketry

A student-run organization striving to launch a rocket capable of reaching the edge of space.


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Interested in joining one of the most innovative clubs at SFU? You could have the opportunity to be involved in one of our four departments: structural, propulsion, avionics and administration. SFU Students from all areas of concentration are welcome.

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They are responsible for designing, testing, and building all aero-structural components used in upcoming rocketry competitions. They focus on aerodynamics, load testing, material selection, and optimal design that work with all other subsections of the SFU Rocketry team. Structural design is vital in making sure our rocket successfully launches and accomplishes the goals we have set out for each competition.


Propulsion is a serious team with serious goals. Their WHALE-1 engine development program is currently developing an electric pump fed LOX/RP1 engine with a target thrust of 5000N. This engine will be SFU Rocketry's first in house developed engine and will set the foundation for the team's liquid propulsion program for the coming years. Stay tuned!


The primary task of the avionics team is developing all the rocket’s onboard electronics and firmware. The avionics system collects data in flight from its various sensors and uses this information to control the rocket’s propulsion and recovery systems. Some of data is sent down to the ground station during flight including the rockets GPS coordinates so that the rocket can be recovered after landing. The full set of data from the flight is also stored on the rocket for detailed analysis after it is recovered. This sub-team also works on ground station development to enable communication with the rocket.


The administration team is in charge of handling all the business aspects of our club. This includes areas such as external relations, marketing, finance and recruiting.


CEO Corner

Kevin Burville

"I started SFU Rocketry to help myself and other students at SFU develop the skills required to join the growing "NewSpace" Industry. I am very excited to see what we are able to achieve in the coming years! Per Aspera and Astra."


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